Tips For Organizing A Girl’s Night Out


Planning and organizing a girl’s night out is not a mammoth task as a usual girl’s night out would involve having pre drinks somewhere and hitting up a club late in the night but if you want to plan something a little more top notch, you have definitely come to the correct place. Your whole girl gang from high school is in town for the holidays and after being away from each other, in different states and different colleges, the time is calling for a reunion night out. If you’re someone who is uniting with her girl squad for a night out on the town but you want to take it up a notch due to the time being a special occasion such as a birthday, a bachelorette party or a reunion after some long years, you have come to the correct place because the tips that are listed below will help you organize the best night out your girlfriends have ever been invited to.

Venue for pre drinks

A night out without downing a few shots cannot be called a night out so before you look into a kombi van hire to take your squad from the pre drinks venue to some of the finest clubs in town, you should finalize on a venue for pre drinks. If you and all of your girlfriends agree and is comfortable with getting drunk at a bar, you should look into some trendy bars in your town and maybe book a booth if you want to avoid getting hit on by all of the drunk guys at the bar.

However, if you and girls prefer a more quiet space where they are just surrounded by the company of each other, host the pre drinks at a house or apartment where you can get absolutely pissed drunk without a care in the world while being surrounded by your best friends.

Reserve a table

If you’re having drinks before you arrive at the club in the party van hire, you should place a booking or reserve a table for you and your best friends at the club because it is very likely that after a certain hour, if you do not have a table booked or reserved, you are most likely to not be granted permission to enter into the club. The content that we have mentioned below will be very useful for anyone who plans on organizing a night out on the town so refer to the tips before you plan your itinerary for the night.