The Different Types Of Vehicle Body Styles


If you have been planning to purchase or rent a car, you probably want to have something that is not only functional and comfortable but one that also looks good on the outside. You definitely don’t want to be seen by your friends driving a boring minivan or ungainly pick-up truck when you can have a much better-looking vehicle in the same price range.

Nevertheless, shopping for cars can also be very confusing at times. For example, making sense of all the different car body styles out there can be very confusing, especially if it’s the first type that you hear names like SUV, city car, sedan or even more exotic terms like spyder, coupe, crossover, car hire brisbane

To help you get at least some knowledge about all these different terms, compiled below is a list of the more famous car body types, and what you can expect them to look like. Thankfully, you will soon be able to identify a car’s body shape just by glancing at it while it’s sitting in the car lot! To view more styles of cars that are available for luxury hire please click here.

  • Sedan – This is what an average car looks like. A sedan generally has four doors and a boot lid (the latter might also be classified as a door, thus giving the car five doors in theory), along with the ability to comfortably accommodate five passengers without issue. There are some variations though, with some sedans having only two doors. While sedans are generally affordable cars, there also larger ones with more luxurious features and a higher price tag.
  • Hatchback – A hatchback is a vehicle that comes with either two or four doors, along with a large boot lid at the rear, which often looks like it was chopped off from a regular sedan body. Hatchbacks are often small and highly manoeuvrable, thus making them perfect for driving in cities. They also cost less than an average car, and have very good fuel consumption due to the smaller size and weight.
  • Coupe – Coupe vehicles are often the best when it comes to the looks department, with fast, flowing roof lines that meet the rear quarter panels in such a way as to create a stunning design. Due to this, they also limited to having only two doors, sometimes with minimal or no seating space for people in the back seats, as well as a limited boot capacity. A sports car is a common example for a vehicle using coupe body styling.
  • Convertible – This is simply the name given to vehicles that have a removable roof, made of either aluminium or cloth. The roof may be replaced either manually, or automatically through the use of a complex electrical or electromagnetic system. Manufacturers also use some other names to define this type of car, such spyder (or spider) and roadster, but they are pretty much the same thing.
  • SUV – SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, although there’s hardly anything sporty about their looks. SUVs are simply those vehicles with a higher ground clearance than a regular automobile, with an imposing stance and good boot capacity. Some can also handle off-road terrain very well, provided that they are equipped with a decent four-wheel drive system.