Summer Holidays At Port Douglas

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This is a popular destination in the Queensland area of Cairns and there are several reasons to justify its popularity. The town, located in tropical Cairns flaunts dry and tropical weather in the summer months when most of Australia suffers from the cold of winter months. With a pleasant climate at such a time of year, it is not only a favorite holiday destination for Australian holidaymakers but for tourists all over the world.

About Port Douglas

This port town in Cairns signifies the important trading activities that were prevalent in this area from olden times. After James Cook put Cairns on the map in 1770 and founded the Trinity Bay, this area quickly became the trading getaway for the mining industry around as well as for timber and sugar cane products. The Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree rain forest is geographical landmarks of this area as well as the sandy beaches that form popular tourist destinations in this town. There are convenient airport shuttle Port Douglas to avail of when you are traveling to and from this town.

Places to see

It will not take you too long to take a bus from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas; there are convenient shuttle rides that leave every six minutes from the airport area that makes it convenient for business as well as leisure travelers to get a ride to major parts of Cairns or Port Douglas. If you are new in town, be sure to check out the historic landmarks here such as the Port Douglas War Memorial, the beach in this area as well as parts of the township that lie by the Hodgkinson river or the scenic peak that has the same name as the town. Summer holidays can be memorable here when you put up at any of the accommodation places by the beach and spend time with your family or friends. There are several addresses worth visiting such as 25 Wharf Street, Port Douglas Wharf or St Marys by the Sea.

Get convenient rides around the town

The other convenience factor that will make your holidays here memorable is the availability of rental rides. From airport shuttles to tourist buses, you can even rent a vehicle of your choice and embark on an adventure of your own. That will surely help you travel around with your family members or friends as you wish to and discover retail outlets, eateries and shopping destinations in and around Port Douglas. It is possible to make your bookings through rental agency portals that service this area.

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